faezrland, our fatherland under angels' feather. 天下主家。

a day under tunnel of profane. by benzrad华中朱子卓
November 23, 2010, 9:22 am
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a day sees light.^yesterday mostly busy with posting recent photo for 2nd snow of winter 2010. China surveillance blocked some time, myspace failed my logon strangely many times, but later accept me to post the blog. sins in office again attacked heavily, now that their failure overwhelming&doomed. at noon activated family google apps’ new services. after dinner when i roamed outside QRRS Dorms, it turned clear why the monitor so furiously hated me, the sin losing its potent, &in horror of been found of the fact outside of his family! the dirty administration of the dorms harnessed 4 and more camcorders in the corridor, one of its staff, the only province folk from Hubei, a Li, buzzed in at noon, inquiry about espionage software to filter cams’ video. so lots of trifle thoughts when i roamed in night. but after rested in dorm, my joy gathered. buzzed hometown to express thanks, &my offers to support mother’s living there. when i went to bed, it turns clearly a blessing day.


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