faezrland, our fatherland under angels' feather. 天下主家。

promise of new family with my girl zhou from Holy. by benzrad
November 18, 2010, 7:38 am
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a day for my 3rd wife, my girl zhou.^yesterday mostly bright, since morning frost clear itself. at noon break, my Internet via corporate lan broke, as frequent cases, i decided to wait to see how long the penalty by China surveillance exerted. when i looked outside of office window, i saw my girl zhou at once. it took seconds before i recognized her, for she in a suite i first time seeing. nothing can ascribe my thanks to God for the moment, &how i satisfied by my girl zhou who so attracting me. its a busy day, i may concluded, reading, finished long time awaiting task, adding traffic tracking code to all my family picasaweb albums, &blogs on google. in early winter night, God lets me owning games from web d/l&left office in time breezily. my salary again suffers losing, decreases to ¥1091 after last month resumed to ¥1600, likely the normal stable standard but constantly in fluctuations since reached it half year ago, just after i planned to buy baby a dell game pc. its so nice to know God already arranges my promising life ahead with my girls i searching on web so long. God, let me see the bright sooner&constantly!


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