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praying for upgrade in our life. by benzrad华中朱子卓
August 2, 2010, 11:24 am
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 baby’s mom, emakingir, likely brewing revenge these days. several times she kept smiling but tentatively hurt me by broke her promise not to do due tasks. last Saturday, i enjoyed staying with baby son in his mom’s house. but ema’s sinful kid sister slept there for several days and will stay there for more days before her Beijing tour. no one know how wrecked the cheap soul fell, but gradually it displayed its ugly paws. after i backup&sorted stuff, and gamed awhile puzzle games with baby, i felt quite exhausted. so when ema suggested haunting River Nen, i suggested the tour next day. we discussed&scheduled at 12PM in Sunday we gathered at bus stop. but next day she said she felt we arranged it 2pm. recently quites some cases she conspired to cheat to humiliated me. times i pray God just let me see it through, now that i don’t put any constrain on her, and all my old property under title of my baby son, warrenzh, who now under her custody.
after i arrived the bus stop in Qiqihar railway station square, after 2pm without a meal in the day, i buzzed her. she said she with baby son just a few runway apart. after we almost settled in bus, she found her wallet missing. she hurried to return to road she arrived, and return to her house, but can’t find it. all time on way to River Nen she felt sad and laid her head on her crossed arms on back of baby’s seat, i know her pains but without mercy nor help. baby slept on the way, but soon after the bus ported on its destiny.
when we passing the Qiqihar Peace Square, a woman colleague with her son ran across us&acquainted us. baby’s mom took her way and left us behind some miles. i told baby the day he knows how to talk with God, the day i trust my due duty oversees his growth onto himself. i want to let him know anyone with God’s bless sound&peaceful in his/her life.
for ema loathed to play with baby in cool river, i left camera to her&launched built dam with sand for baby carrying water from river with his bottle. we had a good time, till quite some people around arrested&watched our game aside motionlessly. baby never fails me, he forever does the brightest deeds, which so brilliant in Joice and harmony. anytime when i review baby’s role of play, i always found God in him, so mighty, so clearly bright, among sinful challenges around, against dirt demons attempt to pour over. God, i know times and times u r baby son, warrenzh, we trinity forever united on this planet to shines.
this is a bright morning. I’m so glad resume to workweek. no palace can nest me except with my beloved girls that praying for me&my Royal, nowhere i can avoid my goal to rebuild China as new Empire rest in God’s shine, nowhere any hostile can separate the trinity in my family, in my grand Father, my baby son, and my own that serving them, the Majesty.


dream of Father.^last night most of QRRS dormers watching my response after some girls shown me friendship yesterday. i had to take my old seat occupied last dusk by a male dormer in its garden earlier to testify glory of Son. this dawn dreamed a less smart but gifted guy find love&sex with his woman among dubious pals. many sex woke me up for making water but half way join office directly without breakfast. let d/l&dozed again. dreamed in my hometown, lives in touching love among my old family, esp my siblings. when i tried to show my younger elder sister our old time photos online, the power down, then i informed baby son was taken by his angry mom, emakingir, left the village. my grand Father, God, Founder of new coming Empire of China lives for 1109 years, sees my pains and drains of unbalanced family life with ema, but his forever affirmative halts me from burning of missing baby son. then i woke up&sleepiness disappeared. its now bright outside. God, grows me harder against evil around, bring my new marriage i had been so hotly looking forward to. God, let me sip forever in beauty&freedom, immerse in breathtaking love&lovemaking.


dreamed baby with animals.^dreamed played with baby son, sometimes in my hometown, with birds or animals. got up early&join office near 6:30am. last night buzzed baby’s mom, ema, about need her verification on my financial log, she promised but 4th times again she failed me now. its a bright morning. last dusk some beautiful girl souls in QRRS dorms shown me friendship. I’m so sole that i hardly accept them except source of life or timeless love.


bright morning.^dreamed of dispute with baby’s mom, emakingir, over baby’s custody. got up just after 6am. breakfast then join office, where i m the first arrived. its a bright morning. reviewing baby’s mom, emakingir’s hatred against me&felt despicable&agonized. she steadily fell in losing&revenge. after all she&her family original in dark&sinful. God, i don’t self-protect against anyone, no matter innocent nor guilt. brings me my usual lightening heart, my Dad, Masheng, safeguard my baby son.
gain in invisible war.^read&attending gaining from web. the 2 office gays challenged all time&attempted lasting after work time. dined in canteen before 5:30pm. roamed in dorm room&sometimes clapped to applaud. the neighbor sin beat the paper wall in aim to exert terror. i soon haunted outside, rest on the garden bench to evade dirt in dorm. 3 ugly men there played badminton&gabbled. these 2 days the sky very clear, so attracted lots of kites fly high. missing my girls in peace, in solitary, for i waited so long for our gathering. bought more melons on way back. God, u know how i enjoy life online, aiming future gaming together. God, brings my girls in our prime time.

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