faezrland, our fatherland under angels' feather. 天下主家。

baby bathed in warm Autumn dusk by benzrad
September 14, 2009, 7:53 am
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baby son bathed in warm Autumn dusk from be21zh on Vimeo.


  baby just haunted outside with his grandma, while i busy with posting his recent paintings, as well as my recent photos.then his mother bathed him even there is a boy student receiving ema's tutorial here. i dislike ema don't pay attention to privacy but God shows me it doesn't matter.its a warm Autumn dusk, bright and dry sunshine through the window of our balcony cast a loveable and moving family peace in the house.


Ps: i also just got showered in public bathroom. a nice weekend.

baby bathed.

baby in bath

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From Heading toward peace&grace

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