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farewell to summer 2011, in bearing love and endearment. by benzrad华中朱子卓
August 10, 2011, 9:59 am
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dreamed battled with a witch all the dawn, after a drizzled dusk.^dreamed hunted by a woman mage. I tried to hit the raged woman with fire ball but frequently unable to detonate it on time. the morning is touchingly bright, after last dusk's drizzle. in last sunset holy message shows me on a bleeding tree that my girls' being one with me, their praying for me, for my presence after gothered and reinforced will power to join me. that's my way to reunite with my best beloved Queens in my Empire reset for 1109 years ahead. the drizzle started after I just settled on a bench in the dorms' garden. the drizzle shallowly baptized me in its prelude, with bliss from my deepest lover, Asoh Yukiko from Japan, the renewing land. 


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dog trail among northern Chinese.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):in north, esp northeastern China, dogs rampant. they r the main source of mafia among current society and dog system in nowadays PRC government, an covert black market trading anything including human lives and all demons and sick appetite. in southern China, people cooperate for common benefits for circumstance. in northern China, scarcity chases beasts on the land constantly barking to protect their individual food chain, or reversely, barking dogs scattered on the highland let anything insufficient upon insatiable storage competition.

北风 (@wenyunchao): RT @poorstone: 同样是沿海城市,面对PX时大连和厦门的表现截然不同。原文


dreamed of closely watched G.Bush.^dreamed in dawn living closely with G.Bush, the former American President and father of another American President. he just published his autobiography and trying finding new way to enjoy life. his wife Babara, even stronger in mind now, grows vegetable and sold to me. I told her I needn't a full bunch of scallion, but she actively persuaded more sales to me in her house when I visiting. they demonstrates the loyalty merits of American people. 


dreamed of movie.^visit baby son in dusk yesterday. prepared him new games on his legacy desktop. when I arrived, his mom likely intimately contacting son, for they both felt interrupted by my visit. returned to QRRS dorm, after busy with sorting my os, possible sins in baby's mom's education over baby son let me awake quite some time. this dawn dreamed of watching a movie including 2 female actors, Miriam Yeung 杨千烨,舒琪 and a man I closely watching. superficially its a movie of love, but in fact, its about fake love, be exactly, about gay, lesbian. I saw the genic glory God puts in man, while the merit of female in supportive, hospitality. I also see the inherited subtle difference and different achievements among Hongkong, Taiwan, and mainland of China.
yesterday It mainly bright. but when I left baby's mom house near 8pm, it drizzled. now Its a promising sunny morning. God, bring me my new family with my girls that praying for our living together. bring my son a dell game desktop u promised.

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famine in Africa needs world more helping hands.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):apple and Jobs doomed to fall, sink in no name in quite short timespan. its just too evil and dirty in mind control in the shits heap.

月光博客互联网:同样是销售游戏,任天堂的Wii的销售策略就远不如苹果iOS,Wii不在中国发行,没有中文界面,也没有一款简体中文游戏,正版游戏价格超高,光盘发行,而苹果iOS有中国商店,有中文休闲游戏,网络发行,平均价格才1美元,还有很多免费游戏。这也注定是苹果而不是任天堂会在中国游戏界成功。 原文


a drizzling afternoon.^baby son spent a night with pc games in my QRRS dorm. breakfast in KFC on way. returning to his mom's house. lots of bliss in air in the Saturday, when it soothed our longings with clouds and drizzles. work load just completed, so fine! 


dreamed of my passed dad, God in Heaven.^in the dream I first tried to negotiate to buy failing and losing state-owned property, then join a celebrating dancing team and passing my hometown village, Zhudajiu, where my beaming dad just discussing important issues with his patriots, other villagers. he glad to see me growing in social relation. he is so vivid in the dream, that I had to blog the dream after got up. I also find sexuality in the dancing girl, likely of minor tribe Mongolian, ahead me. 


dreamed of baby son, and my passed dad's enemies in his hometown.^yesterday another thunderstorm brought lots of rainfall in the sultry summer, just among my busy progress to update my google sites to incorporate recent changes of my profile online. its just too auspicious a day with Asoh Yukiko, as well as my Royal China. in this dawn dreamed of dad's hometown with my best beloved baby son. I arranged him to exercise some sports game, in disadvantage of my passed dad's sinful challengers, mostly offspring of the dark house owner in front of my dad's old house, a treasure of my old memories, financially got well-being by following my dad's business there. baby son never failed me, with his smartness, his diligence. I clearly see the bliss and promising. Its a bright morning now. 


dreamed of losing sight.^last night its started to rain hard when I settled on bed. in dawn dreamed of suffering eyes sight and almost go blind. dreamed watching a movie in open space and sat aside a girl once worked in QRRS as an interpretor. joined canteen in time but 2 cops close sat aside same table to eat breakfast. they arrived later than I, so likely tentatively arranged. 


dreamed married my Japanese girl.^last night it rained when I launched to save my be21zh.org offical google profile after reported violating its commmunity name rule. in the dawn dreamed of living in Japan in my girl's house. she has a quite blessing father. we kissing and intimate everywhere, including behind the father-in-law's presence. after some tests by the dad, we married. I felt almost sure the Japanese girl is my Crowned Queen of Royal China, Asoh Yukiko. Its a pale morning, but I know Asoh's touching and tendering love from Heaven. 


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abuse and murdering everyday in current China mainland.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):no redemption can save the lost. except the downturn of PRC with its dictation and fake faith of atheism.
邱毅:大陸前鐵道部長劉志軍因貪腐下台後,溫州動車追撞不僅重創大陸高鐵神話,也使鐵道運輸安全出現警訊。試想事件若發生在時速超過300公里的高鐵,會造成何等傷亡?當年劉志軍好大喜功,想爭世界第一,將 實驗速度 作為 營運速度 的非常規決策,擴張投資熱衷財務槓桿的操作,現在都應該做深切檢討。 原文 


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famine in Africa needs world more helping hands.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):sin, sins, how could save arrives here?
华尔街日报中文网(华尔街日报)新媒体:【图集:索马里大饥荒】- “非洲之角”遭遇大旱,陷入近30年来最严重的饥荒。加上物价不断上涨和战争,大批索马里人流离失所,数万人正面临死亡威胁。图为两岁的索马里难民亚丁 沙拉德(Aden Salaad)坐在澡盆中望着正给他洗澡的母亲。http://163.fm/YRtOEiO 原文 


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a new scandal in PRC's mainstream.^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):u shouldn't blame her, for she is a common girl, like any beautiful girls on the street. she should be rewarded for disclose dark curtail from upper clad in sinful PRC and their manipulations. any girls, esp in their seasons, blessed with their dream of a better life on the earth, in the society. the unbearable losing is the broken social logic which allowing buying young and beautiful lives via money and abuse of state power.

宇丹律师(颜宇丹): 7号晚间7点左右,郭美美发表微博称:“突然想睡一觉;突然想死;突然想大喊;突然想离家出走;突然想失忆。”早知今日,何必当初,只能怪自己自做自受吧! 原文

From summer is time now
From summer is time now
From summer is time now
From summer is time now
From Life's monument in Royal of China

sunny summer day after a raining night. by benzrad华中朱子卓
July 8, 2011, 4:30 pm
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rain rhythm lasted most night.^last night sees the longest and likely thickest raindrops in my 20 years in Qiqihar, northeastern China, from my hometown in Central China, where large rains that can last a month is a common scene. i surfed later than 23:30 with songs and rain rhythm. this dawn i dreamed shopping online. when goods i ordered delivered to me, i felt quite glad. my passed mother query the prices of vary clothes and items in the parcel arrived. even late, i still ate my breakfast, and peered the ground after the rain. Its a cloudy morning, for Asoh Yukiko spares her full time with me from Heaven this moment. 


a fruitful work night in rain rhythm.^today especial auspicious since i gained my google+ from online help within my gbuzz. napped afternoon with colorful dreams after posted on alumni with flavors annoying the orthodox. baby son's bliss via air saves me from all dusts in the dusk. rain accompanying the darkness descended so gloriously. Aosh Yukiko, tonight be with me in dream, in moisture u brought and echoes the rhythm outside. my happier life, surer narrowly ahead.

RT: a Chinese mailing list from a QQ group, a mainstream im tool in PRC. regard it as a folk song ominous.

1 农民:种三亩地每亩纯收入400元的话要从唐朝开始至今才能凑齐(还不能有灾年);
2 工人:每月工资1500元需从鸦片战争上班至今(双休日不能休); 
3 白领:年薪6万,需从1960年上班就拿这么多钱至今不吃不喝(取消法定假日); 
4 抢劫犯:连续作案2500次(必须事主是白领)约30年。 
声明:转发不会送人民币,但如果觉得作为消费者,全中国十三亿储户不公平的,请转发 ,有多少群转发多少群 。
总结(八个大字): 求生不得,求死不能 
多传传,让领导人们看看, 就不信传不到中央胡书记与温总理那里去。有群的都转发 加一句:谁看到谁最少转发一个群,转发2个以上群的,愿他买彩票中500万 。
老百姓在思考,为啥玩不过政府呢? 原因如下: 


BTW, It's a sunny morning after happy and spectacular/speculative night yesterday, when it thunders and flashes while refuted raining. God, wind for changing China is ready, when let it on its way? 


baby baffled by heat since last weekends, now freed from the death of public enemy in PRC.^this week chiefly avoid trifle ambushes enemy of Empire of China beset. baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, owner of warozhu.com and wozon.net, succeeded floating over the drain of traps and grills of paid raids mentally and darkly around his mom's house. on Monday and Tuesday, after one or two weeks busy with upgrading our current 3 computers with my imporved salary, lots of evil envies, also includes spiritual wake up i instilled in baby son's heart by conversations, led to baby's frequent heats in nights, i decided to calm down and trust God. I haunted more time in QRRS' Dorms' garden, rest on bench in it, decided my strongest will to reunite with my girls in our new families, including our lavish wedding ceremony. that's gift Father promised my girls, for his best beloved Son, me, benzrad 朱子卓. i started reviewing my new working environment in my dorm freshly, cheering up for years' dream coming true. i felt i need a new start, just like a new game's release today, "a new beginning", its also a day full of rumors of a passing by FIG among dictation China, a long time lame duck. i enjoyed surfing so long, when this moment i looked outside of window, an drizzled anticipated by local weather forecast. the new moon appeared since the night before yesterday. i with full authority to claim, bliss gathering over the Royal of China in my title. God, change to China long time due, now let baptism pouring more smooth&sweet!

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distance by the Pacific ocean.

from zhuzz | blogspot
riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):only American sustains and enable the hero and the heroic characters John shown, inherent among free souls on the blessed land of great US. that's holy. bureaucracy rampant on Asia produced cowards and barking dogs bounding to a poor bone and self-destruction, or even abnormal and insane. God saving Asia since the fall of Yuan Dynasty and erection of Ming, treasure of Zhu's masterpiece from war's ruin. world western with kind heart will witness the blessing YHWH casting over the scarred land of Asia and oceans around embracing the over-pestered soil of yellow. the world arrives, surely beams more brilliant and holy shining in one Father never give up mercy among short and embarrassingly less gifted tribes like Asian.

CIA analyst 'John' revealed as brains behind Osama bin Laden operation

See this Amp at  http://amplify.com/u/a16ska 


God with me in turbulence of besieged enemies.^lingered in Japanese family for a long time in dawn dream. God still lets baby son fought against enemies of our Empire of China in title Zhu's. heats of war fires baptized him for nights and i can just pray God for his rest, for his mercy&skip over the draining death-match. Asoh Yukiko, sooner bring my son, esp my 2nd son of us to me in our new family, Royal of China. 


dreamed of death match.^yesterday is the greatest day recently. God brings me again to its online radio in the morning after broke the habit for months. near noon among its sultry holy brave heart expels me to act to eliminate my long time agony of delays, to complete long time wish to renew baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲's (wozon.net ) and my own personal domain (benzrad.us ) to cover near 10 years ahead while family other 3 domains already equipped with 10 years since their birth. the canteen owner loaned me ¥1000 with ¥70 compensation i promised to refund on next month's paid day. near dinner the transaction online consolidated, its also started to rain. i can't help go over to visit baby son with the good news among rains, by bus. baby likely suffering gameless alone, for his legacy desktop hardly equipped with games after recent upgrade and shipped os based on infectious Chinese pirate winxp known for Trojans and malware bundled from local computer market. so he told me bitterly he will use the best computer in family in future. i assured him that's out of question. then i tried to install 2 games of his favorite to ease more or less his frustration, but the damned os failed my efforts, among his mom's frequent curses and angers for my recent frequents. in the night i dreamed clearly recently: i was sent to a new subsidiary factory of QRRS, my long time payer and an old state-owned enterprise, in other city, with a delegation including the sinful monitor in my ditched office. he tried to be orthodox but i saw the covert cheat and the truth of people's joy in their own interests. then dreamed my university alumni, a Xiao, from my hometown province Hubei but poorer northwestern area while my homeland sits richer plain alone Yangtze River in southeast of the central China province, the unbending calf slept under my berth for more than 2 years in campus back to 1987, and trapped by poorness all his college education even unable to buy a quilt to coat the cotton on his bed in 4 years. the recent alumni gathering, first time consulted me in its session while i never traveled for meeting, celebrating our 20 years' graduation, indicating by one of speeches among alumni published online that Xiao likely also broke down into asylum, like me did bravely against enemies of my Empire of China years ago, as my fate leads out to maintain curved and vectored throughout victory and glory that shines. in the dream he fought me with knife and i barely survived myself without lose nor hurt. near breakfast i woke up in time as usual, with dazzling accuracy after failing temptations of vary dormancy. returned to dorm, i napped again, dreamed in my hometown a folk now building on the neighbor slope near our mountain his new house, conjoint the sinful dark house peeking in front of my dad's house. my passed mother in dream proud of me, and treated me with her usual delicacy she cooked.
God, u see I finally got my improved office in Dorm, esp. the Internet, the light speed and vast lasting echo of meanings in utterances and publish i can't live without. but the place likely besieged again by enemies of my Empire of China. gays and hooligan, including paid criminals and other cheap souls, clustered again around my dorm. lead me out like river flushes its new berth along the bank. God, save the sanity and saint of my Royal of China, bring me sooner into my new family with my girls, including my 2nd wife, Asoh Yukiko, Crowned Queen of Royal China from Japan, my girl Zhou, my Taiwan girl absent from my sight for months, and other blessed lives in my life, all under ur shine.

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riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):cute insight.

财经网:【博客 韩寒:没有希望工程】但是很明显,红十字会的后台没有希望工程硬,在新浪微薄搜索红十字,会出现很多内容,正面负面都有,但是搜索希望工程或者其娘家青基会,马上会出现“根据相关法律法规,你所搜索的内容不予显示”,这就变成了没希望工程  http://163.fm/73WMwAg   今天 11:24 来自享拍微博通   原文转发1分钟前 来自网易微博

riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓):beautiful Taiwanese. meaningful young lives.

今天 11:31 来自微博定时发送器   原文转发 


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ash of PRC wouldn’t leaves any remnant. by Benzrad Zhu

Ma's losing, is the losing of China, esp. PRC. PRC definitely losing into hell without any mercy from the world co-existing. Ma's faith on labor prefers investor surely a betray of its growth path, he himself definitely knew it. but still he tried to survive himself from the ruin of PRC, the dictation hell. the event clearly indicts no one saved from ruin of PRC's short life all in bizarre&sins while maintain its comfortable stance now or then. breaking PRC sinks all its pivot and pillar in burning self-destructive flame.

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riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓): so many touching interactives among corporations and consumers in democratic nations like US, the merit of God's followers.



first tweet on my dorm first time connected to Internet after 6 months' waiting.^new life online from 8:24 Jun 14, 2011.^and finally my dorm got wired with Internet, thx God! the office wrote the bill of broadband charges. really thankful! hope i make friends more online from now on. for this moment i hope God sees all dark out around my surfing. 

From summer is time now
From summer is time now
From summer is time now

praying in warm early summer of 2011 by benzrad华中朱子卓
June 7, 2011, 8:08 pm
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dreamed of worms in flesh in dawn.^yesterday echoes harmony with Asoh Yukiko. I planned to visit zoo with baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 with porks and vegetables, but baby's mom refused joining us. i waited till afternoon and the sky turned pale. in the period i managed to resort home networks into working, after 3 days down for the telcom mistakenly blocked our broadband service. Its lunar Dragon Boat Day festival. i tried to gift 2 boys in our relatives with blessing, but each time led to baby son's teeth painful and cried in misery. i badly felt urgent to treat animals trapped in zoo, so i brought baby son launching after some pc games, around 3pm. baby dozed on the bus sound. i woke me up near destiny and he fresh as start when we join the zoo now turned open by removing fences and walls. we saw bears, wild pigs, eagle, deers, but sadly found the old eagle missing, likely died. we treated bears, wild pig and eagle with porks, they quite enjoyed except the eagle rested on the roof motionlessly. baby later joined me to toss vegetables to deers, and remnant meat to bears. there were lots of side watchers among tourists at the moment. baby son's only complain is that my purse too thin to allow he playing shooting game among stalls in the zoo. we soon dined out in a nearby restaurant baby chose with his mom after turned back. the dinner is OK, we shot some photos. then we played pc games after settled again in his mom's house, in beaming sunset on the balcony. baby still felt sad when i left to my QRRS dorms. in the night i went to bed later than 11:30pm, reviewing loves from younger lives in my caged freedom of life. God, u see how many blisses in my life. bring my girls sooner in our united life. let baby son enjoy games more on his new dell game desktop u promised!
It rained again in the night. in dawn i dreamed of baby son. i also made twice water in the night. in dawn i dreamed a lot worms in my flesh. i know its all worship that ever-stronger on the earth that witness my Empire emerging. 


lengest rain in 2011. dreamed of passed mother in rain rhyme.^the rain started last night, when i left the ditched office in QRRS near 8pm. i felt mercy in Asoh Yukiko's loving me. all the night i felt the sorrow while blessing. i also buzzed my siblings in my hometown, central China. when i looked into baby son's situation, i felt deep sorrow. but the rain saves. so i tried to buzz him to cheer him up. i tried twice but he yet listened me. 
the Monday i mostly stayed in dorm, for fun of harvests on web suffering drought under harsher blocking and censorship by China surveillance, report has it that it now harnessed white list to filter most essential web sites worldwide, close trapped Chinese on mainland into its shameless official propaganda curtain, which is totally lies and distorts. this dawn i listened the dense raindrops outside, i slept sounder. i also dozed after breakfast in canteen. i dreamed boarding in my 2nd elder sister's house, where my mother passing by but restless for my only kid brother's exam for college entrance. i waited before playing game for the return of my sister who went shopping grocery. i felt the touching love in my mother's heart, as well as among my other relatives. 
last week also saw my upgraded my acer notebook with additional 2 GB rams. it cost me ¥200. the notebook also cleaned dust inside, resulting more game time with baby son happily. previously it worsened by gathering heat by dusts jammed around its fan and cooling cooper tube of video card. its such a marvelous operation that i still in thankfulness now. 
God, its all good news for me, from ur mercy. pl bring me my girls in my new family sooner. bring baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 his new dell game desktop and a rich International Children's Day tomorrow! God, see my Empire of China in PRC's ruin intact. burn dirt and rip dark over the shadow of my Royal of China. 


dreamed of shits again.^Its a cloudy morning. i prepared games for playing together with son in QRRS Dorms till lunch. after lunch i tried to doze awhile. dreamed a dorm mate receiving a visiting pal. i went to public lavatory and found shits covered the only 2 seats. i tried to avoid to stain my pants but failed, had to leave downstairs with fringes spotted with shits. last night i visited the canteen owner, for he asked me to copy some movies to his desktop. he two days ago lent me ¥200 as i trusted to equip my acer notebook with additional 2 GB ram. he might felt i was obliged to him, even i never borrowed without rewards. last month i borrowed near ¥320 from him and reward him ¥38, total ¥350 returned, with my lodging ¥360 for 2 meals in 4 weeks. the latter is repeatedly. in the night he invited me to drink beer with his late dinner. i talked about my career and my vision as he expected to probe me, while his legacy pc copying slowly. in dawn near 3 or 4am, just after i made water, a heavy rain poured down. it likely didn't last long, for when i got up near 6am, the ground superficailly wet. i join the sinful office at once, waiting a game download to complete, for most web file sharing sites worldwide one by one blocked by China surveillance these days, to name a few, hotfiles, firesonice, fileserve, ul.to, and almsot all popular file servers outside of China.
last two days i experienced roller coaster emotionally. the first day on baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲's birthday, May 25, i got an idea to upgrade my notebook with additional ram, for which i longing so long. it costed me ¥200 and so cheap&out-performed. i visited baby in his mom's house at noon heroically on way back to dorm. but misery descends when i attempted to change bios password. the change deadly locked me outside from boot up. i desperately searched web for resort, calling acer support team for help, and complained God not to allow me in peace but trouble. next day i stayed in dorm rarely in the morning, till i felt the drive bravely to spend another ¥20 on the smart young man who help me clean my acer and upgrade 2 gb ram the day before, betting my luck as well as the opening of computer technology. i was right! acer local support crew failed to fix my missing bios password, but the smart boy did. all the rest of the day i enjoyed the speed and fantasy of my more powerful notebook. 
summer now heats us.

From summer is time now

hope that never fades. by benzrad华中朱子卓
April 18, 2011, 8:50 am
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China losing on inconsistent with American platform, comparing booming Indian tech human force in US, and loss gaining weightily till it can't afford in future, till the last straw smashes again the bony mule drug, smuggling, forgery and tortures, ie. lawless addicted like a century ago, humiliated again against its official textbook whitewashed recent history, reveals the truth of gapping wound and vulnerable indispensable in root Chinese. China with its current fake socialism doomed to be buried in coming decade. People in the world will see PRC's barking in the corner as funny as fool's play, or dog's tail self-chase. 
the world tomorrow, undebatable the one world under God's shine. glory once on US forever cherished by global citizen that's reasonable and responsible. God, one God, YHWH, clearly shows the road under Heaven ever-bright.

永中科技一周后破产清算 叫板Office成追忆


See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/by67b

tightened rein over China surveillance. by benzrad华中朱子卓
April 7, 2011, 9:44 am
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life of river awarding bank. by benzrad华中朱子卓
April 2, 2011, 10:16 am
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meaning in the ruin. by benzrad华中朱子卓
March 24, 2011, 10:48 am
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The brightest star over the Oriental horizon already rising. warrenzh, 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe, driving his world behind the dynasty on the tiny planet, the Earth, already launched. star of the world, prophet of the Earth, doesn't the bird of first dawn sunray singing at its highest chord? does not Son of men wrestle and won the sinkings? now its time to echo with the greatest bliss so far, God his own addressing the planet, on the scarred land of China that's proceeding into its second Dynasty of Ming, again under title of Zhu's. blunt and blind people, don't u hear the mighty storm whirling over the Pacific Ocean? don't u spare ur works by witnes the brilliance of Heavenly descending? so its now, for u and ur cared, attest the shine.

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dreamed winning media awards.^dreamed won youtube and flickr award from my published video&photos. baby son and his mom accompanied me to join the ceremony. then dreamed of watching a table tennis contest, in which a outgoing sportsman won his weaker counterpart.
Its again a golden dawn. yesterday I visit baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, again by the way sending his mom my salary bank card. the improved salary, now amounts to ¥1800, arrived the day, after i checked more than 4 times on ATM since i received salary sheet several days ago. it was amazing sunny the moment i withdrew my living support to clear my debts on baby's new domain registry, and bundle of meals in canteen&sent to office. so i decided to visit baby as i promised him. the grandma already there, likely just fetched baby son from his pre-elemental school. i bought baby som cookies on the way. soon baby gamed on my notebook with a new game i just gained from web. the grandma left just minutes ahead her daughter's return, likely met on her road to arrange her daughter. so baby's mom refused to dine out with us, and cursed my frequent visits. i had to analyse her situation to persuade her change mind. I told her nothing can daunt me, nor death of mine or baby son, nor her incoordination or even sinister, for i solely follow God, the Majesty creator of all things and world, and order of God's. baby read a book on the floor when i elaborate with his mom. then we launched. on the way to restaurant i discussed the weakness among Chinese and Muslim, comparing with American people. i told him the ongoing war against Islamic ruling in Middle East, adoration of human respect and personal freedom, from the examples American leads. his mom soften her stance during the dinner, raised a question on google maps product for my tips. i picked last bus returned to my dorm. God, u see how rich the day for me and my Royal. God, Asoh Yukiko, bring baby son a dell game notebook, as he recently inquired about the promised gift. God, loosing China surveillance over Google products, let me read freely as usual. the sinful dictation in nowadays China these days restlessly broke google reader, attempted to trap me by refusing my logout google account, frustrated most websites around the world and global information seeker in the comfort of Internet. God, i know the downturn of the falling evil from fake idealism of Marxism-Leninism exactly on its way, closing to end never so speedily. God, let shine the scarred land in eastern Asia, follows Japan, Taiwan and other democratic systems soundly operating since World War Ⅱ. God, attending the dying dog machine in PRC, spare Chinese most from the ruin of political monopoly. 


dreamed of surfing the air.^dreamed of surfing in air with a surfing board. my past mother, baby son warrenzh, my kid brother appears in my air-surfing dream. in late dawn dreamed of baby son and my kid brother again. 


dreamed of shooting movie, and baby son.^dreamed i was preparing to produce a movie. my 2nd elder brother trying to make cheap alternative shooting way but failed. i tried new camera. in the end dreamed of baby son, and his heartbreaking pure love of Son's Heavenly. Its a sunny morning, after last night's strong wind. yesterday i carried baby to visit my ditched office in QRRS to settle his second domain, wozon.net, our family's 5th domain, after recharged by good news of improved salary, which amounts to ¥1800 2 months in series, on Friday when the salary sheet arrived on my desk. transaction settled on Mar 18, 2011, but for time zones' difference, i was affirmed by baby's godaddy account till this Saturday. i spent near an hour to find free hosting space plan disabled by the domain registrar, while baby waited aside for gaming on notebook so long. how smart he is and forever so! in the last i had to give up uploading my simple web site source files, with google apps free smb account in hand. we gamed awhile, then i persuade baby giving up his second night in my dorm for his mom urged him to return to have his handwriting class, and i badly want a hot shower in my frequent bathroom near baby's mom's house. baby narrowly admitted me, with reservation. we left my dorm near 3:30pm, soon i brought baby shower in the public bathroom. the underground bathroom let baby unease, i told baby my current financial status don't allow him enjoy baths more comfortable. baby then fought and complete shower, gamed again after we settled in his mom's house. the sinister younger sister arrived during our absence, likely trying to spy my data disk left in her sister's house. this morning when i arrived baby's mom's house, the sin slept in baby's bedroom where baby and his mom recently slept. enemy of my Empire of China paid the dirty and dark sin, the bitch, to pest my family, esp. baby's living place. i aroused&raised some blames before the sin left the house, while baby's mom, who turning more and more sinful in the fell and hell of her old family, kept silent. it's warm and bright when i launched to donate for suffering people in Japan after earthquake, as well as in Yunnak, southwestern China. for i can't find other available donating way via alipay.com, with which i had an account, so i picked a Japanese shop ( http://item.taobao.com/auction/item_detail.htm?item_num_id=9613022220 or http://aruyo.taobao.com/view_page-45548372.htm ) on popular Chinese e-commerce site, taobao.com, to make the transaction. the ammount is small, ¥60 (¥50 for Yunnan. https://lab.alipay.com/life/donate/enter.htm?name=zfbaxjj ), but i still felt God's praise, Asoh Yukiko's adoration. I also prepared a pc game baby asked on his desktop, gamed awhile as baby asked. when we left for baby's music lesson, we really thankful, except the losing woman, baby's mom with her easy angers. i told coldness gathers in elders' heart, encouraged baby finding fun his own against boring and meaningless, esp the surveillance from nowadays Chinese authority against our vested Empire of China under title Zhu's, separation&disperse against my Royal of China emerging in one as pre-date in Heaven. last night reported the largest moon in half century for recording space intimate to the Earth, but since afternoon its windy outside. when i got up to make water midnight, i saw the halo really brilliant and soft. now with sunshine outside, after missing 2 meals today, in this tiny&shabby room alone, i pray my new life with my girls descending me sooner, pray baby's burden of loneliness lessen, all in ur setting, God, Asoh Yukiko, dearest dad, best of the best in ur bliss! 


dreamed of pets.^dreamed in an UN force team assigned to Africa. afraid breaking my kid brother's hand wrist but in fact its well. played in holiday, later found heavily wounded&bleeding pet cat, also a doggie. till i felt sorry and remove their barrier, they returned to their nest&settled. their suffering and enduring silently shocked me with love. Its a gloomy morning, but I know Asoh Yukiko's blessing. 

From Spring 2011 in a nut

From Spring 2011 in a nut

From Spring 2011 in a nut

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God saves after all. by benzrad华中朱子卓
March 15, 2011, 7:34 pm
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From homeovie2RoyalChina
From homeovie2RoyalChina

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life in tunnel looking for bright. by benzrad华中朱子卓
March 8, 2011, 7:46 pm
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wordless elation for new hope in Spirit.^last night i again dreamed of my sibling gathered for my broken family. i felt sleepy&got up later than 9am. last night in office i tried to settle family qq emails’ interconnection, as the monopoly Chinese portal offers free backup email accounts. but the shit ISP blocked my operation for several times since last weekends, erring too frequent accounts’ authentications. download turns normal, first time since the annual congress session, which offered China surveillance a cause to tighten its Internet espionage&blocking, result in lagging surfing days. but they shamelessly blocked my logout google several times, likely trying steal my cookie or keep session alive after i go offline via mirror port on all routers they control. returned to dorm i busy with sorting disk till 9pm then went to bed. yesterday likely a new college class join QRRS, the railway wagon mill, for practise. i casually watched them noisily queued to join the dorm i settled near a year transit to my new family. there is few girl among them, indicating Chinese young population really gender far unbalanced. last night i also buzzed my elder sister in central China many times, attempting to express my delayed sense about their financial pinch, got wired lately when i on way returning to dorm from ditched office, told her i will set paying back her money, amount to ¥3000, as my highest prior in this year. she tried to pacify me&i know the love. today is a bright day, for the sunshine so straight&amazing. God, Asoh Yukiko, u know my past days webless in near 4 months is really a test for my sustainability, and i enjoyed it so far, in the aim to make room for coming affairs that’s more important in my agenda or daily workload. i think i can graduate from the camp now. bring me my girls and my lifestyle lavish now, improve my workspace now for the bliss in air i deserve. God, see my situation&shift me to new height facilitates my saint task here, in ur title.


wonderful Sunday morning.^this dawn dreamed of my old family, including my elder sisters, younger brother’s family, gathered for my broken family, trying to make my life alone easier, in my hometown. crows shrieked outside at once i woke up, reminds me sadness in baby son’s heart, as he did yesterday when i forced him to return to his mom’s house after a night full of pc games harbored in my QRRS dorm, amongst his insisting a second night here in my dorm. he cried again seemingly unreasonable when i broke his watching animation online in his mom’s house, in an attempt to fix the poor webTV sofeware Chinese made which unable to save his watching history nor bookmarks. i scorned him, trying to bring into light what really let him so sad in such a casual case and sound day. when i accompanied him with his mom, who leaving to shop for baby’s educational gear his school demands, i gabbled about the vitality of one’s self-confidence, and the otherside, the unreal outer world like education, work experience heavily exerting competitive burden on any youth, misleading nowadays Chinese kids’ lives and expectation on their earthly existence. his mom kept silent during my preach on way to my bus stop. in the night i listened music via my notebook all time, praying gift, a dell game notebook for baby son, and other wishlist while jogging in dorm. baby’s enjoyment last night in the tiny room still warm my memory&worldview. God, Asoh Yukiko, u see how pure baby’s love in his dad, who trying his best to guard his teenage education as well as spiritual awaking. God, dad, u see all my afforts secured by ur Majesty, shines in dented copper Royal history of new China Empire under title of Zhu’s&lives 1109 years ahead after rest, under God’s shine. God, i need my second son and third son to descend from Heaven, i need tenderness of my girls’ love from noisy crowds. forge us in new horizon in first sunray of Spring dawn, in this year, in this season, on the land. God, show me ur light and enlightenment as usual&forever, God, let now the brilliant sunshine outside since my arrival to baby’s bed’s side testifies it for the blind minds! God, save my hometown beloved lives in considerable confort, for ur land means hospitable for the blessed, like my sibling’ family in central China.


op phoenx to break sieges.^yesterday dauntingly smooth when i launched to rebuild clean os after found strange behavior on my notebook. since morning planning the operation against China surveillance. in office after work time, i got all patches to os&av&common tools online, all almost finished at same time among especially lagging Internet due to the defensive attitude by China authority for the coming annual congress session. i left office near 8:30pm, gratefully. there were 2 once colleagues worked there overtime. they stayed since the day before yesterday, likely officially assigned to espionage me when the congress session just to open&lots of state forces harnessed all over the territory in fear of rally of protests or revolt gravitate the event. in dorm i continued to sort os&backup, went to bed near 12am, felt so happy through the infectious sniffing of China surveillance jamming the Internet domestic. this morning i first time kept active after breakfast, migrating saved games. my Taiwan friend these days appeared online in my contacts but didn’t respond to me when i informed him my remittance, i doubted if our chat blocked asymmetrically by China surveillance or he felt hurt&loathed to befriend me anymore. baby’s mom with baby son returned from her hometown journey on Tuesday&buzzed me in the night. i hope in this weekends we enjoy our pastime as usual. God, bring me dell game notebook u promised as my best gift for baby son, warenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, grant me independent living that anxiousless. Asoh Yukiko, join me sooner and bring my girl Zhou, girl Lü and my Taiwan girl. my life needs new lives now.


dreamed of passed mother&hometown.^dreamed of my Nankai Univ. alumni on a train to my hometown. one of my cousin, Zhu wusong, help me travel from neighbor village to my past dad’s village, Zhudajiu, &very glad to arrive my hometown. got up earlier&ate breakfast. dozed again, dreamed my past mother inquiry my dream, so i reiterated baby&his mom in my dream. then review the heartbreaking farewell scene in movie “under hawthorn trees”, doubting the English translation of the protagonist’s Chinese name, which only has first name Jing 静秋, never disclosed her family name. the actress, a Zhou, however, i got known from the starring list.


a day sees peace&fruits.^last week meaningful for sainity of baby’s living space: i at least temporarily drove away the sinister younger sister of baby’s mom. she slept with baby’s mom, as well as baby son, warrenzh, for quite some time recently, like a rat in dirty cave. she also used all her sinful means to seduce baby son for the clif of fell. i tolerated it for weeks, but unable to hold on on last Saturday when she let baby counting down 200 digit to play qq social game online with her. she in fact a dying prostitute&infectious, that out of debate as i spoke out in my previous blog. she in her 20’s but still in a drifting life, without a job nor supporting life tools like boyfriend or social circle. she clearly know what a crap she with her life had been&continues to be. but she felt her elder sister’s broken marriage can allow her remarks, like leaking egg for flies. i told baby many times how dirty the sister of his mom is, but God let me to break out&drive it away, rather than by baby, who is so green&pure, himslef to shows cold-shoulders to the bitch. the noon when the grandma, a sin herself, cooking fried beef, i refused to dine together. when baby was held by his mom trying to sleep to avoid my blames, i started to name out sins in the distorted relation among the mother&daughters in baby’s mom’s old family. i blamed baby’s mom in fact belongs to her mother or her old family, far from a normal mother nor wife of her own. the little woman soon brought baby son to her workplace to avoid my criticism. i went to public bathroom to shower, while the grandma cleaning her daughter’s house. in the shower stream, i felt upset, exhausted, but near the end of shower God summed me up to my sound decision. when i returned the house, baby brought by his mom returned from her school, likely trying to pacify my rages. i told her if she continued messing our baby’s bed with insane or sick persons like her cheap kid sister who selling everything everywhere shamelessly, she would facing my sue in court. i told baby China’s modern law system all borrowed from US, the land blessed by&obeys to God. i told him he is protected by civil world that disallow abnormal abuse against teenage. his mom didn’t refute, so i soon carried baby on shoulders launching to leave her house. i brought my salary bank card&withdrew ¥600 from a nearby bank with baby. a woman in police suite just leaving when we queued to be proceeded. the bank clerk cordially acquainted us when we finished operation. i carried baby on feet to my dorm, for no small changes to pay bus. baby slept on my shoulders half way. he also slept in my dorm first night, after dined in the canteen which also welcomed us warmly. we played pc games lately, then i washed baby’s feet with warm water, answered his questions about his past grandpa’s legend, &common science. i encouraged him to buzz his mom 3 times before we went to bed near 10pm. even the bed&quilt too small, i didn’t suffer cold in the night. baby son reported restless before falling into dream but i senseless upon it for i slept soon in the night. next day i brought him together to bank, trying to remit my Taiwan friend for his old help on my family domains’ registry. but banks don’t allow overseas transaction in weekends. so we visited my ditched office, trying find funs on the web. the dog in office working there, lately left. i setup online games via google chrome webstore&let baby gamed online awhile. soon baby’s mom asked to fetch baby for his music lesson. so we soon left after the office dog left. an once female colleague who brought her son to visit Qiqihar Peace Square near River Nen, both on the other part suburb of the city, met up us on bus stop, sinisterly claimed baby son looks more like his mom. baby’s mom squeezed not to allow me enter her house when we arrived, so i left. on way God lets me return to settle 2 games baby son enjoyed on my acer notebook last night. i acted accordingly&returned the house. i migrated the games as well as our saved profile onto the desktop&hasee notebook in baby’s mom’s house. baby left for music lesson with his mom near 1pm, after wept for compulsory exercise on electronic piano his mom demanded. i surfed there, trying to download more games from web. the grandma join the house later&washing, then left abrupt by threat from her abusively bullying second daughter, who likely accused her for ally against me on the phone. they deserved hell for the downward abnormal family bond&selfishness inside even in kin. baby’s mom reconciled after returned with baby, asked me to write back their bill in KFC after baby’s music lesson. she said again she will bring baby son join her grandma’s birthday next 3 days, let me not to buzz her for cross provincial communication costs additional mobile fees. in the night, i thanked God for the save downturn upset&silent building of sufferings to righteous correction into baby’s environment poisoned by enemy of my Royal of China, superficially the sinister sister of his mom’s. this morning i woke up later, dozed again after got up. near noon i finished remittance after queued for more than half of an hour. sorted disk&web brower’s data after lunch. now its brilliant outside. God, bring my girls sooner, esp. my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, into my life on new horizon. grant me new improved workspace&gift long time anticipated for baby son, a dell game notebook. God, bless me ur Holy message like sun beams in this spring abundant. God!

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God saves. by benzrad华中朱子卓
February 24, 2011, 6:28 pm
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